What is included in the price of glasses?
The frame, obviously, PLUS single vision polycarbonate lenses that are thinner and lighter than plastic.  This is an unbelievable (and unheard of!) value!
Do you sell prescription sunglasses?
We sure do! You can pick a pair off the sunglass wall, or pick any frame in the store and we can turn it into your favorite pair of sunglasses.
Can I just buy a frame from your store or a pair of non-prescription sunglasses?
You betcha!
What kind of lenses do you use in your sunglasses?
We let the prescription do the talking, so it’ll depend but they’ll either be plastic, polycarbonate or high index for stronger prescriptions.
Can I choose any tinted lenses for my sunglasses?
Of course! You can get solid, gradient, double gradient tints or mirror coats, etc. - whatever your fashionomic heart desires (however we recommend polarized sun lenses)! All with various costs, of course.
How do I submit my eyeglass prescription?
You can bring a copy with you, have your eye doctor fax it in, send a carrier pigeon our way, or summon it with your hidden magical powers. As long as it’s valid, we’ll take it.
How long will it take for my glasses to arrive?
About 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday), depending on how complex your order is.We can also put your order on rush, so your specs will be made as fast as possible.
How do I change or cancel my order?
Not that we don’t love you, but orders can only be changed or canceled on the same day. Once in process we can’t cancel an order. Go ahead, call us ogres.
I have a strong prescription—can you fill it? What if I have an astigmatism?
Yes we can! Astigmatism corrections shouldn’t be a problem, and we have several options for strong prescriptions.
Do you offer bifocal or progressive lenses?
Yep! We strongly recommend our SEE HD lenses for the most precise vision at all distances (trust us, you’ll love them!).
Do you offer reading glasses (aka readers)?
We have the cutest reading glasses around, and they’re available in-store so you can walk right out the door with them (for those of you who are instant gratification mongers).  Plus if you want to get really fancy we can make a custom reader with your prescription.
Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?
Would you use a fork to eat soup? Many times a contact lens prescription varies from a glasses prescription and cannot be used to order glasses.
How do I get a prescription?
You’ve come to the right place! All stores, except for our California locations, have a doctor at the location so you can schedule an exam with them and pick out a new pair of specs all in the same day!
Can I just order frames without prescription lenses?
Of course! Even the lucky ones with 20/20 vision need to add some hip eyewear to their wardrobe.
Do you accept insurance?
We accept various types of insurance, depending on what state you’re in. Feel free to give your store a ring if you have questions!
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, SEE gift cards, and our “house” SEE credit card. In addition, some stores accept their own mall gift cards. Sorry, we don’t barter for livestock or take I.O.U notes.
Can I pay using my Flex Spending or Health Savings Account card?
Sure, as long as it has a Vision M.C. logo.
Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, and cost will vary depending on the shipping location. Unless you live on a warm tropical island, then we’d like to hand deliver them. You know, quality control and all.
What is your return policy?
Sorry, you cannot return the glasses once the order is in process.
What is your guarantee?
We know Fido has great taste in eyewear, but sometimes he can get carried away. With the exception of loss, your glasses come with a 50% off warranty for damaged or broken frames and lenses one time in the first year.
My lenses are scratched. What should I do?
In most cases, new lenses are the best/only option. Have no fear! Bring them into the store and we’ll get right on it.
Can you replace lenses in my existing SEE frames?
We sure can, as long as the frame is in good condition.
Can you replace the lenses in my non-SEE frames?
Yes, in most cases. Bring them in for us to evaluate and price for you.
Do you offer lens coatings?
We have so many coating options, it makes our head spin (including anti-reflective and mirror coatings, just to name a couple).
What are your lenses made of?
Plastic, polycarbonate, or high index depending on the prescription needs.
What’s the best way to clean my lenses?
With the fabulous SEE lens cleaner and fancy microfiber cloth or the SEE moistened towelettes, all of which are available at the stores! We seriously recommend picking these up, it’s the very best way to clean and protect your lenses from getting scratched.
Is your whole collection on the website?
Nooooo! Stop by a store and you’ll see for yourself – we have tons of fabulous product and we’re updating our collection constantly!
Can I purchase online?
We want to make sure your fabulous new eyewear is exactly what you want and need, from prescription, to style, to fit, so we don’t offer online purchasing.
How long is my prescription good for?
That’ll depend on your doctor, but the standard for most states is one year.
Do you keep my prescription on file?
We know you won’t be able to resist buying new frames once in a while, so we certainly keep your prescription on file.
Do you ever have sales? What about coupons?
Psh, who needs sales when you can get in on our Bribes and Secret Offers! Sign up for those and we’ll send you invites for our events, info on charity programs, and some really rad bribes.
When you say “voted best eyewear,” what do you really mean?
Well, we don’t want to be major braggadocios but we’ve been voted “Best Eyewear” across the country! From Boston to San Francisco, Detroit to Tampa, we’re popping up on “Best of” lists year after year.
Do you ever hire interns?
Our Marketing Department loves having interns! If you’re looking for a seriously wide range of experience in Marketing, with a totally awesome company – give us a shout.

Have a question that's not on this list? Email us at customerservice@seeeyewear.com!