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We hate to be braggadocios, but a little “toot toot!” of a horn never hurt anyone, right?

SEE’s “hip without the rip” fashion eyewear has not only won “best of” honors in cities coast to coast, but we’ve been featured in national and international fashion magazines, movies, television shows and just so happen to be a favorite of a plethora of celebrities that shall remain nameless. Check out the buzz on SEE…

Oprah June 2017
OK Magazine May 2017
People May 2017
Oprah April 2017
Boston Globe February 2017
Essence February 2017
OK Magazine November 2017
Portland Monthly November 2016
Bust October/November 2016
Family Circle November 2016
Oprah July 2016
People Magazine June 2016
Redbook June 2016
OK Magazine May 2016
Charleston The City Magazine May 2016
InStyle May 2016
Women's Health March 2016
InStyle March 2016
Women's Health September 2015
Glamour July 2015
Oprah July 2015
Real Simple July 2015
Glamour May 2015
Oprah March 2015
Women's Health May 2014
Glamour March 2014
Oprah January 2014
Women's Health September 2013
Ocean Drive Summer 2013
People June 2013
Haute Living 2013
Ocean Drive 2013
Ocean Drive 2013
Improper Bostonian January 2013
Women's Health December 2012
Seventeen September 2012
Marie Claire September 2012
People September 2012
Haute Living July/August 2012
Seventeen August 2012
GQ June 2012
Seventeen March 2012
GQ March 2012
Haute Living March 2012
Oprah August 2011
Health 2011
Oprah February 2011
Best of Boston 2011