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Adding Single Vision Lenses

Ordering online and want to add single vision lenses? It’s easy!

Free single vision polycarbonate lenses are included with your optical frame order! That’s right, FREE! When you order your optical frame online you will receive a FREE Single Vision Lens Voucher in your shipment that you can redeem in store or online. 

When you are ready to redeem your lens voucher, fill out the form in its entirety.  We’ll need a copy of your valid prescription as well. You can send your prescription the following ways (no carrier pigeons!):

  • Email your prescription to: help@seeeyewear.com.
  • Fax your prescription to 248-354-3954.
  • Include a copy of your valid prescription in the box you return with.

Don’t have a copy of your prescription? Don’t panic! Fill out your Doctor’s info on the FREE Single Vision Lens Voucher and mail it back with your order. We will take care of the rest!

If you have had the great fortune of having an exam in the past two years at one of our SEE stores, let us know which one on the FREE Single Vision Lens Voucher.  We most likely have your prescription on file.

Reading your Prescription

Reading your prescription

Reading your prescription


Sphere or SPH represents the strength of your prescription. If you are nearsighted or need glasses for distance, your prescription will usually have a “-“ before the number. If you are farsighted or need glasses for reading, you prescription will usually have a “+” before the number.


Cylinder or CYL represents the amount of astigmatism correction you have in your lenses. If you don’t have any cylinder or CYL correction in your prescription you may not need any astigmatism correction or the amount of astigmatism correction is so low that no correction is needed.

AXIS or X:

Axis sometimes represented by an “X,” and a following number, represents the rotation that is needed in conjunction to the Cylinder in order for an accurate astigmatism correction. Cylinder numbers and Axis numbers go hand in hand, if you have one of the two numbers you will have both on your prescription.


Addition or ADD represents the additional reading power or magnification power necessary to see up close. The ADD is used in bifocal and progressive lenses, which are offered in store. The ADD power can also be used in reading glasses depending on how the optometrist writes the prescription.

O.D. represents the right lens

O.S. represents the left lens

Next, we need your PD!

Getting your PD is easy, you can either:

  1. Do it yourself with our easy online video below.
  2. Stop into a SEE store and we will measure it for you for free.
  3. Call the store where you last purchased glasses (they should have your PD on file).
  4. Go to an optical store and get measured (we’ll reimburse you up to $20!) Call 800-289-3937 for more info.


Quick tip: Most PDs fall somewhere between 52-68, with the average being 60.

Check out our video.

Time for lenses!

We offer FREE single vision polycarbonate lenses which are UV treated, impact resistant, thin, and light. Basically they’re the cat’s pajamas. But every once in a while you meet someone who has different needs, and we have you covered there too.

You’ll see on your FREE Single Vision Lens Voucher that you have a few choices. If you have a stronger prescription, 1.67 high index lenses may be the choice for you. High index lenses are thinner than polycarbonate lenses and are great for prescriptions that are + or - 3.00 or stronger.

Anti-reflective coating is FANTASTIC! Anti-reflective (a.k.a anti-glare) gives you crisper, clearer vision, cuts glare, increases night time driving visibility, reduces eye fatigue (for all of that computer work) and the white halo around light objects.  Fun fact: 95% of customers add this.

Did you know Transitions Lenses are clear lenses indoors that automatically darken in the sun? It’s true. Transitions Lenses are great for people who want extra eye protection and convenience on the go.

Visit our FAQs for even more helpful information.