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SEE 1825 Sun

When I was 8 this lady moved in next door that used to lie in the sun on a yellow lawn chair with a silver shield to capture as many rays as possible. Needless to say, I was intrigued. One day I asked her why she didn’t wear sunglasses and she said (in a husky voice only heard in the movies) “Honey, if I wear sunglasses, I only wear them to drive” and put on a pair EXACTLY LIKE THESE. The 70’s never looked so good.

Material: Acetate

Handmade in: France

Price: $99

CR39 Plastic 100% UV protected sun lenses.

Measurements: 57-16-125

How do I figure out the size?

Available colors:

  • Blue Fade Purple Gradient
  • Green Fade G15 Gradient
  • Grey Fade Grey Gradient

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Fit Details

What do these numbers mean?

Frame measurements are located on the inside of the temple. The first number in the measurement refers to the lens width, the second number is distance in between the two lenses (a.k.a. bridge width), and the third number is the full length of the temple.

If you have a current pair of glasses and you like the way they fit, you can compare the measurements to a SEE frame you’re eyeing to see if it would fit in a similar fashion.